Angler Submissions

SVSFE is a local non-profit organization dedicated to “Giving Fish a Helping Hand”.  The main focus of our organization is fisheries education, enhancement and research. Our team works closely with other local user groups and Manitoba Fisheries Branch, by doing meaningful work with the common goal of ensuring sustainable fisheries and improving angling opportunities for now and the future.


Angler Surveys


Want to be a part of managing our local fisheries? Is there something you would like seen or done to improve angling in the area?
Participate in our Angler Surveys.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2016 Angler Survey.

 2016 Winners: Ruth & Paul Clark, Norm Bruce & Harvey Sawchuk!

By filling out either the “General Questionnaire” or “Daily Catch Forms” you have the chance to win prizes from the Angler Survey Draw (limit of one general questionnaire/angler and one daily catch form/daily fishing trip within the Duck/Porcupine Mountains and Parkland area between November  – October). Next draw deadline is October 31, 2017. Information provides vital feedback on fishing quality in the area and helps improve fisheries management. Each entry gives you an additional chance in the draw.

2017 Angler Survey Draw Prizes Include:
1st GPS/Sonar Unit
2nd Fly Rod & Reel
3rd Tackle Box & Tackle

Angler Survey – General Questionnaire

Angler Survey – Daily Catch Form



IMG_1867Submit Your Tagged Fish Info

Swan Valley Sport Fishing Enhancement has recently initiated several projects where many fish have been tagged. These tags provide a “name” for the fish. Tags vary in color and size but all have a number. Telemetry tags as seen above make it possible to track fish movement indicating habitat requirements and fish behaviour. Beneficial information can be collected through recapture of tagged fish. It is important that anglers leave the tags intact if tagged fish are being released. Whether fish are released or kept, providing the following information is beneficial! You can find more information about local studies under programs and research.

Tagged Fish Form