Education is vital!


SVSFE is mandated to produce, distribute, and disseminate information designed to educate the general public on the methods, needs and advisability of preserving and improving habitat for game fish species. Having knowledgeable anglers, fisheries are more likely to be sustainable for future generations to enjoy. Since the group formed in 1987 SVSFE has been educating the public in the form of fishing presentations, seminars, fishing derby’s and promotional signage.


Recent Education Activities:

  • WH_pg4Family Fishing Day – This annual event is a great way to get out for some ice fishing fun with the whole family. Entry is free, no license required, hot lunch is provided by the Swan River Elks and SVSFE provides bait, hooks. Anglers go home with a little bit of local known on our fisheries and a goodie bag for the kids.



  • FieldTripsSchool Fishing Trips – SVSFE receives continued requests to take school groups out for a day of fishing. These trips have ranged from day shore fishing trips to field trips across Manitoba to discover the history of fishing and the Whiteshell Fish Hatchery.


  • StewardsStewards of the Future – Stewards is defined as “to manage or look after” making “Stewards of the Future” the appropriate title for the program that was first offered to the Swan Valley School Division in the 2011/2012 school year. Lectures were designed to inform and motivate students to pursue goals of protecting, reconnecting, restoring, and sustaining fisheries and their watershed. SVSFE’s close partner, Fisheries Branch, provided the opportunity to obtain rainbow trout raised from the Whiteshell Fish Hatchery to use for the program. The presence of fish in the classroom inspired students to relate all learning concepts to fish within our environment. Today, students participate in caring for the fish including feeding and tank maintenance, classroom presentations from SVSFE staff and local conservation staff, plus fishing trips, and a trout release.


  • CampPicAnnual Fish Camp – The four-day camp provides young anglers the opportunity to experience a variety of fishing and outdoor adventures, as well, campers gain valuable tools to become responsible and successful anglers. Each camper takes part in theoretical lessons, and field practical activities such as; boat & canoe safety lessons, fly fishing lessons, angling techniques, knot tying, wilderness survival, tree/plant, I.D, geocaching, observation of research methods used by SVSFE technicians



  • YellowFishYellow Fish Road – Yellow Fish Road is a nation wide environmental program. It’s designed by Trout Unlimited Canada. The goal is to help Canadians understand that storm drains empty into our local waterbodies. Every 2-3 years all participating groups and classes from schools in Swan River paint yellow fish on the storm drains to remind the public that polluting the streets pollutes our waters.


  • MB_RFLThe Manitoba Recreational Fishing League (RFL) –  RFL is a fun and competitive fishing league for kids. Teams throughout the province compete in a friendly manner while learning about the fisheries and environment around them. SVSFE took part in the league in both the 90’s and early 2000’s



  • IMG_1945Work experience – Through various projects, SVSFE creates education and employment opportunities for inspiring fisheries professionals

  • Bursaries – SVSFE offers an annual bursary designed to help graduating secondary students who are pursuing education in environmental or natural resource field.



  • Hosting Guest Speakers & Seminars – These events are held to inspire individuals/youth to explore and experience the sport of fishing!