“When fisheries are improved,

so does the community surrounding it.”




SVSFE undertakes a variety of enhancement projects which include enhancing the fisheries themselves to enhancing the angling experiences and opportunities. The experience itself that fishing has to offer is why anglers commit to the sport, whether its rain or shine, early or late, a quick drive or a mile walk-in backcountry lake. SVSFE wants anglers to enjoy their time spent in the area and their enhancement efforts ensures fisheries for the future.

“Building partnerships for tomorrow’s fisheries”… all this work would not be possible without continued partnerships and funds raised through local support and external grants.

Fish Transfers and Stocking

  • Beau5Beautiful Lake Walleye TransferOur Featured Project. Each year, SVSFE and Manitoba Water Stewardship – Fisheries Branch partner on the very popular project commonly referred as the “Beautiful Lake Walleye Transfer”. This particular project rears walleye in Beautiful Lake at an exceptional rate and each fall approximately two-weeks are spent trapping and transferring walleye to respective walleye lakes. This project is very popular, as it’s commonly explained as “creating instant walleye fisheries”. (Visit our Reports Page for more info on this project)

  • Trout Maintenance – In many trout lakes, the increase of non-trout species has resulted in a demand for non-salmonid removals. These non-salmonid species including yellow perch, northern pike, white-sucker, and walleye etc., are strong competitors and have resulted in decreased trout survival and therefore decreased fishing quality in many popular trout lakes. Collectively, SVSFE and partners have determined through experience that the most effective methods for conducting such programs are via electrofishing and trap-netting. At this time, intentions are to carry out annual to semi-annual maintenance programs until determined otherwise.

  • P1000895 (2)Arctic char stocking – In 2015, SVSFE received funds from the Hunter & Angler Preservation Fund of $4800 to purchase arctic char eggs destined for Glad Lake. The Whiteshell Hatchery has partnered on this project and will be raising the char prior to stocking in 2016 & 2017. This will provide a unique opportunity for resident and non-resident anglers in the Parkland Area.

  • DCIM100GOPROGlad Lake Pike Transfer – As an initiative to help aid the survival of char destined for Glad in 2016/17, a pike removal program was initiated in 2015. This is one example project of a trout maintenance program. Pike are relocated to recipient lakes and SVSFE plans to continue the program in future years.

  • Sport Fish Introduction – SVSFE has been committed to lake exploration and creating new fisheries since initialization. SVSFE has a strong interest in creating unique fisheries to attract anglers to the area. Surveys are conducted to find suitable habitat/lakes for fish introduction. Current potential re/introductions include muskellunge, golden trout

  • 110_2386Assisting Provincial Trout & Walleye Fry Stocking – SVSFE understands the importance of efficient stocking practices. For this reason, SVSFE aids Fisheries Branch with stocking whenever possible. This includes “scatter stocking” of trout and stocking walleye fry in suitable habitat.




Enhancing Spawning Habitat

  • 6- Explosives removing fish barriers on creekWhitefish Lake Spawning Habitat Enhancement – Whitefish Lake is one of the most popular local fishing destinations and is one of the only self-sustaining fisheries in the area. Ensuring and protecting this fishery for future generations is one of SVSFE’s priorities. Through past studies, two main tributaries; North and Lagoon creek were identified as suitable spawning habitat for walleye and other species. Beavers create several barriers within the creeks on an annual basis and if unmanaged, this vital spawning habitat would be lost and inaccessible to fish. Through funding from the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnership Program (RFCPP) project in 2015 ($8,450) and ongoing management from the group, SVSFE has committed to protecting and maintaining this habitat.



  • Beaver Lake Spawning Shoal Creation – Beaver Lake in Duck Mountain Provincial Park has been managed for its recreational fishing potential by SVSFE since the late 1980s.  One of the limiting factors for re-introduced walleye identified in 2013, was inadequate amounts of spawning habitat.  SVSFE partnered with Manitoba Conservation Water Stewardship and DFO under the RFCPP funding ($25,400) to develop and implement the installation of spawning shoals in Beaver Lake.  In the winter of 2014, a team of volunteers assisted in placing over 400 cubic yards of material on the ice, creating 1050m2 of spawning habitat. Today, Beaver Lake continues to support a good population of walleye and is annually stocked with sub-adults to assist in developing this walleye fishery. SVSFE continues to monitor recruitment with small, but positive increments of success. As the walleye population matures, fish utilizing the spawning shoals will increase, and in turn, provide a sustainable walleye fishery for anglers to enjoy.



  • 0006Wellman Lake – Reef Enhancement – SVSFE has been very involved with management and enhancement efforts on Wellman Lake. Some in our area refer to it as the most studied lake in the world! Activities include; enhancement and monitoring of the famous spawning reef, evaluation of fish populations, tributary assessments, conducting various walleye spawning studies (telemetry studies), rearing walleye fry and adult walleye stocking. Truly, this is a lake the group has investigated time and money into and their efforts are beginning to pay off. This lake is a popular destination in the Duck mountains and SVSFE we continue to monitor and enhance this fishery to its highest potential.




Fishing63Improving Angling Experience

  • This is completed through dock installation, trail/road/parking area improvements and through development of informative signage/maps. SVSFE is always striving to share their results, projects and initiatives and signage helps spread the message. The group is continually working at improving communication with the public through social media, signage and interacting within the community. We would love to hear from you. Fill out an Angler Survey, Contact Us or find us on Facebook.
  • Access improvements included: Whitefish Lake Walking Dock (wheelchair access), Black Beaver Parking Lot, Two Mile Parking Lot and T-Dock, Trail Improvement into Verrall Lake, Deep Lake & Vini Lake and the installation of fishing docks throughout the Duck and Porcupine Mountains. All SVSFE docks are identified with white plaques. Please inform us if you have any concerns on the condition of our docks or suggestions for improvement.



Fishing Derbies

SVSFE has held fishing derbies to not only get people out enjoying the sport of fishing but also to help in management efforts ie. Fish transfers: Gator Bowl (90’s), 2015 Glad Lake Pike Transfer. Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for upcoming events.