2013 Adult Walleye Transfer

The Adult Walleye Tranfer is one of SVSFE`s most valuable projects to our local walleye fisheries.

Thousands of adult walleye have been transferred from Beautiful Lake to lakes and rivers within the Duck Mountains,

Swan Valley & Dauphin Area over the past five years. Stocking adult walleye is very beneficial for the survival of the fish and provides instant angling results. The real benefit in stocking adult fish is most are able to spawn in their new location the following spring, naturally aiding in fish for the future.


This year SVSFE, Water Stewardship Fisheries Branch and Intermountain Sport Fishing Enhancement transferred 1550 young of the year walleye (approximately 180 mm in length) to Beaver Lake, Vermillion Reservoir, Singush Lake and Wellman Lake. Fisheries Enhancement Fund has currently funded this project over the past 4 years along with strong partnerships from other organizations and groups. SVSFE would like to thank everyone who participated and for making this project such a success.



The idea of using Beautiful Lake as a walleye rearing pond was originally initiated in the late 1990s by MB Water Stewardship. The idea was again spearheaded in 2009 by MB Water Stewardship, with the intentions to rear walleye while keeping it a fantastic walleye and trout fishery. This lake has provided exceptional growth results in walleye making it possible to capture these fish (live release trap netting) within the first season of growing and transfer them at a larger size, increasing their survival rate. Past studies have shown success rates for walleye fry are 1.3% while fingerling success is increased to 57%. Adult walleye success can be assumed very high and fish of that size face low predation.

After helping out the first year in 2009, SVSFE seen the positive impacts this project was supplying for our local lakes & community and has been involved every since. Each year this project becomes more successful and creates more interest from the public.


Various support in giving fish a helping hand in this project include: Intermountain Sport Fishing Enhancement & SVSFE directors/members and public volunteers, Manitoba Conservation, Swan Valley School Division students, Glad/Wellman Camper’s & Cottage Owners Association, University College of the North NRMT students and Manitoba Fly Fisherman’s Association. The message our volunteers and supporters receive from the hands on experience creates a high level of respect for conservation of our resources. SVSFE is excited to strengthen all partnerships through this project as without them this project wouldn’t be what it is today.