North Lake Walleye Transfer

2014 North Lake Walleye Transfer

On June 2nd 2014, Fisheries Branch along with SVSFE technicians and volunteers stocked 300,000 walleye fry in North Lake with the intentions of rearing walleye to transfer to other lakes in the Porcupine Mountains this fall. As part of this year’s project – SVSFE’s Integrated Walleye Enhancement funded through Fisheries Enhancement Fund (FEF), the first and only trap net was set on September 21st. The following day blewn everyone’s expectations out of the water, with over 6,000 young of the year walleye swimming in the trap net. By the end of week one (Sept 22nd – 26th), 22,386 walleye were caught and transferred!!!! Receiving waterbodies included: Bell Lake, Deep Lake, Virgin Lake, North Steeprock Lake and the Swan RIver. SVSFE is planning to continue the project this week in order to transfer as many fish out before freeze up.