Spring Trout Stocking

Each spring, Fisheries Branch and the Whiteshell Fish Hatchery stock a number of stocked trout waterbodies throughout the province. Here is a rundown of the 2017 stocking records for the Parkland Region. Trout stocking will continue in the fall of 2017. A huge shout out to the provincial fisheries staff and the team at the Whiteshell Fish Hatchery for all your hard work!


Spring 2017 Parkland Region Stocking Records
Anton’s Lake: 500 Albino Rainbow Trout
Beautiful Lake: 500 Albino Rainbow Trout, 1000 Rainbow Trout, 700 Brown Trout
Black Beaver Lake: 3000 Rainbow Trout, 1000 Albino Rainbow Trout
Bower Lake: 1,000 Albino Rainbow Trout, 200 Rainbow Trout
Corstophine Lake: 3,600 Albino Rainbow Trout, 300 Rainbow Trout
Elgin Reservoir: 2,500 Tiger Trout, 500 Albino Rainbow Trout
East Blue Lake: 13,000 Rainbow Trout, 1000 Albino Rainbow Trout
East Goose Lake: 2000 Rainbow Trout, 2000 Brown Trout, 112 Adult Rainbow Trout (Markosky Trout)
Gass Lake: 1,900 Tiger Trout, 800 Rainbow Trout
Glad Lake: 22,250 Arctic Char
Grandview Pond: 2,000 Rainbow Trout
Gull Lake: 5,000 Rainbow Trout, 5,000 Brook Trout, 1,000 Albino Rainbow Trout
Minnedosa Trout Pond: 200 Rainbow Trout
Patterson Lake: 2,000 Albino Rainbow Trout
Persee Lake: 1,500 Brook Trout
Shilliday Lake: 900 Rainbow Trout
Steeprock River: 100 Tiger Trout, 500 Brook Trout, 1,200 Rainbow Trout
Tees Lake: 3,000 Albino Rainbow Trout
Twin Lake: 5,000 Tiger Trout
Two Mile Lake: 4,500 Rainbow Trout, 1,000 Albino Rainbow Trout
Uncle Bob’s Trout Pond (Dauphin): 500 Rainbow Trout
West Blue Lake: 8,000 Brook Trout, 1,000 Brook Trout (Lake Nipigon Strain)
West Goose Lake: 2,000 Rainbow Trout, 2,000 Brown Trout, 39 Adult Rainbow Trout (Markosky Trout)