Stocking Report – 2018

Lakes in the Parkland are stocked annually with various species thanks to the provincial hatcheries; Whiteshell Fish Hatchery and Swan Creek Hatchery. On occasion, organizations/groups purchase and stock fish for recreational angling purposes in local lakes (ie. Arctic Char in Glad Lake). This is a review of the 2018 stocking report for most of the Parkland Lakes surrounding the Swan Valley Area. (Note: no walleye fry stocking occurred in the area this spring)


2018 Trout Stocking

As of November 2018



Beautiful Lake: 2000 brown trout, 2,500 rainbow trout

Black Beaver Lake: 5,000 brook trout, 2,500 rainbow trout

East Blue Lake: 24,900 rainbow trout

East Goose Lake: 2,500 rainbow trout, 2,500 brown trout

Gass Lake: 2,000 tiger trout

Grandview Pond: 2,000 rainbow trout

Gull Lake: 22,000 brook trout, 10,000 rainbow trout

Laurie Lake: 17,000 brown trout,

Nick Lake: 3,000 brook trout

Olsen Lake: 3,000 brook trout

Perch Lake: 1,000 brown trout

Persse Lake: 4,500 brook trout, 1,500 brown trout

Pine River: 6,000 brook trout

Steeprock River: 9,000 brook trout

Ste Rose Pond: 1,000 rainbow trout

Tees Lake: 3,000 rainbow trout, 3,000 brown trout

Twin Lake: 5,000 tiger trout

Two Mile Lake: 5,000 brook trout, 14,700 rainbow trout

Uncle Bobs Pond (Dauphin): 500 rainbow trout

West Blue Lake: 29,000 brook trout

West Goose Lake: 2,500 rainbow trout, 2,500 brown trout